Affordable Routine Chiropractic, Cambridge, OH

What is the value of your health? Priceless! Thus our "Honor Box!" Our top priority is your health and well-being. That is why we take every effort to make routine weekly spinal checks accessible and affordable to every man, woman and child in our community. 

Insurance hassles of billing, copays, deductibles, or declined reimbursements only distract us from proper care. 

Subluxations can undermine your health. Once you experience the restorative benefits of a focused, manual chiropractic adjustment, we know you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! See your multiple options below, and schedule a first visit today!

Download a Prices/Plans/Hours summary sheet here.

Honor Box

You determine your own anonymous fee to place in a literal wooden box on the wall.

*Must attend on-site Spinal Wellness Class (6:00 pm Mondays or 1:00 pm Wednesdays). 

*Does not cover first visit fee or visits prior to orientation attendance.

Read Dr. Fall's founding letter here when it started.

If it’s not accessible to everyone it’s

neither radical nor revolutionary.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Single Visits
Affordable option with the most flexibility.

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First visit (scan, exam, & adjustment)
 $60 per visit per person 
(gratis after 2nd household member if family scheduled same day)
 Follow up visits
 $35 per visit per person
(for everyone paying visit by visit)

Wellness Plans
ceive up to 4 visits per month on automatic debit--never worry about having cash or a check each week.
Non-transferable between family members. Low cost per visit. Aligned with recommended 7-10 day routine spinal checks. Must complete orientation for access.

Wellness Plans
Receive up to 4 visits per month.
Best choice and lowest cost per visit, for patients who visit more than 2 times per month. Typically best aligned with Doctor’s Treatment Plan.
Adult Member (up to 4 visits)
$86 per month
additional visits just $20
Cost per visit $21.50
46% savings vs. single visit
Adult plus Spouse (up to 4 visits per person)
$116 per month
additional visits just $20
 Cost per visit $14.50
59% savings vs. single visit
Child 17 and under
Because we are passionate about our children's human potential!
Affordable Routine Chiropractic, Cambridge, OH