Honor Box

Must view online orientation. First Visit not covered. Assessment + routine spinal adjustment. Limits apply.
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Follow up visit
 Self-determined fee placed in "Honor Box"

*See more details in our honor box agreement form in office and summarized in our online orientation video.

First Visit

Affordable complete evaluation: paraspinal thermal scan, muscle palpation, consultation + first spinal adjustment. Must pre-schedule due to limited availability.
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First Visit
 First Visit discounted for viewing online orientation
  $45 (65% off)
 First Visit discounted for orientation + referral from current practice member
  $30 (77% off)
 First Visit after 2nd household member if family is "on books" same day

Single Visits

Affordable option with the most flexibility. Paid at time of visit. Includes routine muscle palpation assessment and necessary spinal adjustment.
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Follow Up Visit

Wellness Plans 

Up to 4 visits/month automatic debit. Non-transferable among members/months. Aligned with recommended weekly routine spinal checks. Must complete orientation. Ask for details.
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Ask in office for further details.