Dr. Bryan Fall, DC 
Chiropractor & Wellness Speaker

Dr. Fall grew up in a family of six in small town Arkansas.  Through the use of chiropractic Dr. Fall saw family members have recoveries from illness, childhood asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many athletic injuries.  Dr. Fall himself regular care from infancy on through his involvement with martial arts. More importantly Dr. Fall grew up in a family that received regular chiropractic care for optimal health and wellness. Four kids would line up on the floor along with their parents as they received wellness chiropractic care from Dr. Tom Taylor of White River Chiropractic in Batesville, Arkansas.

Why does Dr. Fall adjust his wife and 3 kids weekly? Weekly chiropractic checks keep brain/body life channels open by adjusting subluxations that block off nerve supply. This releases nerve impulses that provide energy to move and metabolism to heal. See research here showing how regular chiropractic checks help whole-body health by normalizing the nerve system and compensate for modern stresses (modern postures, nutrient imbalances, and modern stress levels).

Dr. Fall worked through school in Los Angeles area as an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer. While studying biochemistry at California State University, Dr. Fall was greatly influenced by a chiropractic educator to study chiropractic.  After four years of undergraduate study, Dr. Fall studied for four years at Southern California University of Health Sciences.  After completing his studies, Dr. Fall interned at the Northridge Kinesiology Department.

Since graduating, Dr. Fall has worked with some of the leading experts in his field in Northern California and Columbus, Ohio.  Dr. Fall credits much to what he learned under these wonderful mentors. Dr. Fall also persists in this learning process with annual continuing education and health research in holistic health related to spinal care and adjustment. He aims to continually expand and challenge our office to provide a top-quality chiropractic experience in our Cambridge, Ohio office.

Dr. Fall lives in the Cambridge area with his wife, Stephanie and three kids. He enjoys exercise, the outdoors, gardening, and above all family. At least once a week, Stephanie and their three children can be seen at his office getting their wellness care adjustments to be the brightest "light bulbs" they can be.

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I recommend Dr. Fall because of his personality that is so caring which in today's medical environment is rarely seen in doctors.

Maureen King

I appreciate their wonderful personality, wisdom, advice, affordability and  amazing staff. There just aren't enough words to express the difference they've made in the quality of my life and overall wellness. Thanks for taking such good care of my family and friends too. I highly recommend them!

Mary George Valentine

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