Fall Chiropractic Staff

It is Dr. Fall's and his wife's (and his kids') opinion that Fall Chiropractic has the best staff in the world. All our staff has been regular chiropractic practice members prior to coming on-board. They practice what they preach and are brighter lights for it. Healthy spines make healthy minds!

Our Team

Masters of chiropractic science and philosophy...and stars at making you feel welcome!

Morgan Larrick

Chiropractic Advocate
Morgan, has been with us for a while. A stand-out high school athlete, she received chiropractic care throughout her student-athlete days. Morgan has received ongoing continuing education and demonstrates knowledge on diverse topics such as chiropractic neurology, chiropractic philosophy, as well as nutrition. She is a mother and wife and enjoys spending her non-working hours with family.

Becky Powell  

Chiropractic Advocate
Becky does a great job for us--she always has a smile and a word to brighten your mood. Becky has read and studied extensively the core chiropractic principles and has long been a wellness chiropractic practice member herself. Becky also does outreach talks about chiropractic. Contact us or her to discuss a short wellness talk for your small business!

Keri Glass

Chiropractic Advocate
Keri is also a long-time chiropractic wellness member herself and can answer many of your questions from her personal experience! Keri is does a great job at the front desk and has a lot of the "behind-the-scenes" responsibilities and details that keep our office running efficiently. Keri plays a huge part in making our mission possible!
It's awesome here--you couldn't ask for a better staff. They are so wonderful and actually know you by name unlike most other places.

Mandy Harold

His staff is so nice and helpful.

Barb Dair

Dr. Fall and the entire staff are the best. Our family has gone to Dr. Fall for many years. We wouldn't trust anyone else.

Jeannie Gelles