See founder of NRT demonstrate the technique above.


Nutrition Response Testing is very precise and scientific, however if I were to analyze you using NRT before it was explained to you, you might find it strange or unbelievable - only because it is probably very different from anything you have experienced before.

In medical practice there are two key parts: the diagnosis (identifying and /or naming the disease or syndrome) and the treatment (drugs, surgery, etc.).

In Nutrition Response Testing WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE DISEASE, rather it is a study of how different points on the surface of the body relate to the state of health and to the flow of energy in each organ and function of the body. NRT therefore is in harmony with many of the core chiropractic principles: we let the body talk for itself by respecting the bodies signals and designed/inborn intelligence.

Through NRT, the coach is able to detect biochemical imbalances in the body, and restore balance through nutritional supplementation. In each case a patient comes in with their own unique problem and their own unique solution. The challenge is to glean the information from the body.

Once the information is collected, nutritional supplements are recommended to support the areas that are weak. The supplements that we use are "whole food nutrients." These are vitamins, minerals, etc. that are derived from organic plants. These plant sources are grown in soils free of pesticides and other chemicals. The soil is monitored regularly for maximum fertility. The weeding is done by hand so the nutrients that you take in are completely natural and easily recognized by your body as high quality food to maximize your health."