Nutrition Team Members

Dee is our Holistic Health Coach on Thursdays for Nutritional Response Testing. She is your advocate and strategist by encouraging and helping guide them through the program. She is well qualified to help with the practical side of practice by giving tools for successful dietary change, and showing how good nutrition does not have to be hard.

Dee is a dedicated mother and grandmother, practicing what she preaches with her own example. She has over 15 years of experience in alternative health and has completed training as a practice manager in the NRT programming in Clearwater FL, Columbus, OH, and Cleveland, OH. She also does a fantastic job with free nutrition talks available for your organization or church.

Morgan helps you find a way to reach your health goals with Fall Chiropractic Nutrition. Morgan has years experience as a chiropractic assistant, and is a true professional.

She has attended chiropractic seminars, education in chiropractic philosophy and science and excels in explaining the principles of a healthy lifestyle enhanced by chiropractic.

Morgan has witnessed first-hand the impact of chiropractic and nutrition on the lives of hundreds of people. She is always the first person you see coming in the door, and is always ready to welcome and serve our practice members!