Spinal hygiene is the foundation of our approach to health.
Nutrition supplies the building blocks!

Work in progress! Video's are from many sources--please view and benefit! To seek a clinically designed nutritional program personalized to you, see more information here. Clearing the spine of all subluxations is the cornerstone of our approach to health--see our spinal wellness class here.
Complete all the following lessons (print off "files", fill out quiz, and listen to one video from each lesson) and receive a $50 supplement credit at our office! You must be an active nutrition patient to get the credit.

 1. Are You Suffering From A Nutritional Deficiency Disorder (file)  (Dr. Fall 1) (Dr. Fall 2)

 2. Organically Grown Health (file) (video) (video2(Dr. Fall)

 3. Digestion Is the Key to Food's Goodness (file) (Dr. Fall)

 4. The Truth About Fats (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

 5. Probiotic Lifestyle for Health (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

 6. The Lifestyle Purification Program (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

 7. Best Cure for Disease Health (file) (article) (video) (Dr. Fall)

 8. Allergy 'Season' Only Finds Some Bodies (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

 9. Autoimmune Disorders (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

10. Too Many Children Suffer Nutritional Deficiencies (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

11. Take the Sugar Challenge (file) (video a) (video b) (Dr. Fall)

12. B Vitamin Deficiency Disorders Plague Humanity (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

13. Healthy Heart (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

14. Vitamin C Is a Complex (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

15. Organic Minerals Are Essential (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

16. Calcium Essentials - It’s More Than Bones (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

17. Gall Bladder Disease Can Be Avoided (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

18. Truth About Antioxidants (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

19. Vascular Health (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

20. Vision Health (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

21. High Cholesterol Myths & Truths (file) (video) (video part 2(Dr. Fall)

22. Iodine Facts (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

23. Adrenal Stress (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

24. Prostate Health (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

25. We Are One (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

26. Insomnia (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

27. Emotional & Physical Health Are Inseparable (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

28. Healthy Skin Through Natural Lifestyle (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

29. The Real Flu Virus Remedy (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

30. Getting the Most From Your Chiropractic Care (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

31. Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Nerves (file) (video) (Dr. Fall)

32. Don't Suffer Needlessly--Take the Gluten Challenge (file) (link) (video a) (video a) (Dr. Fall)