Legal Disclaimer

I understand that Dr. Fall is a “non-therapeutic” chiropractor and provides “objective straight” chiropractic, offering routine vertebral subluxation location and correction only. The goal of an adjustment is to correct vertebral subluxations, thereby removing the interference to the nervous system allowing the body to function with less nerve interference. As a result, we do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. We defer to appropriate medical personnel for any and all medical treatment of any symptoms or medical conditions. Routine chiropractic spinal checks do not absolve the practice member of the responsibility to assess their own need for or to concurrently seek out appropriate medical care from their regular primary care medical physician.

Statement from Chiropractor founder, DD Palmer:

"Chiropractic is not a healing system. It has nothing in common with any other system and is not therapeutical; does not use remedies; does not treat, cure or heal. A chiropractor is not a therapeutist; he is not interested in discovering or in applying remedies. To be versed in therapeutics would be to be skilled in the use and applications of remedies. Chiropractors do not use remedies."