We love to hear when our members notice they get sick less often. However, we do not treat the immune system. We do not diagnose or treat the flu, allergies, nor asthma. The reality is we have no control over your immune system. Instead we detect and correct vertebral subluxations--small spinal misalignments that cause nerve interference. Frequently these misalignments go undetected for years. If you have undetected nerve interference to the system that controls & coordinates immune function, what can that do to your immune system? What can that do to your health if you are without the full neural coordination of your body's functions?

Get checked today for vertebral subluxations that may be keeping you
 from your full life and health performance!

Note: The pdf's above are for educatonional and historical purposes only.

Above we make a case for giving attention not just to bacteria and viruses, but instead your body's natural immunity.

Up until about 3 years ago I was sick most of the time. Usually once a month I either had a cold or a sore throat. Even with antibiotics it took longer than most people to shake whatever I was dealing with. My family physician was so concerned he sent me to a cancer clinic. Thank goodness it wasn't cancer. (I) started getting regular adjustments. This was about 3 years ago and in those 3 years I haven't been sick or had a sore throat or even the flu not one time.

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Note: The above testimonials in no way can be construed to be a guarantee of health outcomes. Every situation is variable. Chiropractors cannot specifically assert anything more than decreased nerve interference when we locate and correct a vertebral subluxation. The rest is up to the real doctor--the one created within each of us.

Instead of obsessing about germs in the news...EDUCATE yourself on the miraculous design inside your own body! Above a whiteboard we had put together that shows how the nervous system is tied in with your immune system.

Above, Dr. Fall recounts the research showing how Neutrophils, Phagocytic cells, and lymphocytes all are influenced by the nervous system.

Neutrophils are influenced by the brain and nervous system. In the above film, see neutrophils tracking invaders.

Immune cells like the phagocytic cells are directly influenced by your nervous system. See what is called a phagocytic respiratory burst above. 

Your nervous system affects numerous immune cells and in particular lymphocytes have been noted. In the above film you can observe a lymphocyte attacking and killing an influenza virus.