"What is it that Cambridge Nutrition does?"

Our nutritional practice aims to get your body back to balance. Balance is attained when we...(1) address sources of chronic systemic inflammation through detoxification and allergy mitigation.

(2) balance endocrine function with supplementation and lifestyle changes*, 

(3) improve glycemic regulation with low-glycemic diet, 

(4) reduce immune burdens through supplementation, detoxification, and allergy mitigation

(5) resolve excess gut permeability ("leaky gut") by reducing gut toxicity.

*We do not use bio-identical hormones in our office. In addition to our professionals not being medical personnel, we defer to Walter P. Borg, M.D. who states "

Even the hormones produced by the body itself can be very toxic under certain circumstances. Hyperandrogenism and hyperthyroidism are classic examples of harmful actions of endogenously produced hormones. Clearly, hormonal preparations should be treated as potentially dangerous substances. In fact, testosterone is classified as a Schedule III drug by the Controlled Substance Act—and rightly so." 

Therefore we use a hormone modulator tried and true for thousands of years: food.

"Why does Cambridge Nutrition use professional-grade, food-based supplements?"

Our primary goal is to first and foremost use lifestyle changes and food itself to rebuild the health you deserve.

Therefore, when faced with high levels of toxicity and a depleted food supply, we use food-based supplements. This is a distinction that sets us apart from medical "nutritionists."

While some colleagues claim results with synthetic products, we only use on our patients what we will use on our own family. Food is the safest source for our nutrition. 

A couple points to remember:

    • Today's headline "miracle" nutrient is only a tiny piece of the bigger picture.
    • Today's isolate supplement causes tomorrow's deficiency of a co-factor.
    • Depend on natures wisdom today, and no price in harm to health is paid tomorrow. 

"How many supplements do I have to take?"

The scope of treatment entirely depends on 3 factors:

    • What all is wrong with the patient?
    • How long has it been a problem?
    • How serious of a condition/how urgent is it that the patient progress through the program?

Any three of these factors can expand the scope of necessary treatment.

However, we use an assessment system that narrows down the protocol significantly. It does this by effectively identifying the key toxicity, hidden food allergy, or immune challenge to make the treatment as specific as possible. While many holistic integrative nutrition clinics might have each patient on 12+ supplements, we often get best results with 1/3 to 1/2 that amount.

For more information on our whole food supplements see here.

For more answers to questions regarding our assessments see our Nutrition Response Testing and our Designed Clinical Nutrition fliers.