The Doctor Within

Posted on August 1, 2017 at 7:40 AM

The Doctor Within--An Old/New Science

Dr. Bryan Fall, DC

I was on a flight across the United States recently and happened to be stuffed in a seat next to a husband & wife pair of PhDs in biology. The conversation started awaiting take off & didn’t stop till we exited the plane. These young professionals made a sincere case for the probabilities of blind chance creating order out of nothing. However, I listened and heard the tall young man’s story of getting kicked out of school, serving in the marines, and finding inspiration to take a different route from friends and family and pursue a path less traveled, as many of YOU have! I asked him, and I ask YOU, was that inspiration in making your life choices just a product of so much chemicals and so many bundles of neurons? He paused and said “I guess there was something else involved--it was a free will choice.” I smiled, then asked “Where does free will come from if it is not just chemicals and blobs of nerves?” He grinned back, “Can’t just be probabilities, can it.”

In addition to 10 years in school, I’ve worked thousands of hours & continue to work to master the art, skill and science of chiropractic. However I would like to introduce you to a much BETTER doctor than I will ever be! Yes, we’ve seen patients have dramatic recoveries from things like colic, asthma, allergies, earaches, colitis. Yes we have testimonials on our facebook FallChiro of miracles of eye health, heart health, and even lung conditions. However, we always tell them the same very curious thing: “Don’t give your chiropractor credit--I did not do the healing.” What explains these miracles?!

There was another doctor at work! This is an attempt to introduce you to that doctor!

I am now well into my second decade of practicing chiropractic. Much change has occurred in even that time. For several centuries faithful believers in science have attempted to explain away some of life’s mysteries with reductionism and scientism. This is the idea that all we are is just a bag of chemicals and $20 worth of minerals. It suggests that all human complexity of mind, creativity, emotion, and even health is just a series of chemical reactions. Believers in this sometimes irrational faith profess that man with his instruments can solve all mysteries.

However, science has finally awoken & turned to vitalism once again--the idea that not everything about life can be measured or dissected. Not everything can be observed with a microscope, endoscope, periscope, or telescope. 

How scientific is science really! According to a 2014 article in The Economist “A rule of thumb among biotechnology venture-capitalists is that half of published research cannot be replicated. Even that may be optimistic. Last year researchers at one biotech firm, Amgen, found they could reproduce just six of 53 “landmark” studies in cancer research. Earlier, a group at Bayer, a drug company, managed to repeat just a quarter of 67 similarly important papers. A leading computer scientist frets that three-quarters of papers in his subfield are bunk.” What about the hallowed peer review process?! When a prominent medical journal ran research past other experts in the field, it found that most of the reviewers failed to spot mistakes it had deliberately inserted into papers, even after being told they were being tested. It turns out the motivation by journals and scientists themselves is more about economics and less about verifying and ensuring quality work.

We’ve grown beyond this. Experts in metaphysics, human biology, & physiology have widely documented and proven a more sophisticated understanding of our bodies and health. Some of these ideas may seem new to you, but the more we understand, the more we see that there is a type of wisdom already inside us that is very, very old. You’ll likely discover that this is something you knew--all-- along!

Since some people think of chiropractic as being a bit far out, let’s start our story in outer space, and in the next couple minutes I want to take you from the farthest galaxy to the smallest cell of your body.

When you step out to look up at a clear night sky, at least where I live in rural Ohio, we see stars and planets and the moon. And with help we can see the moons of Jupiter and galaxies that are hundreds of light years away. What seems random has order. And what seems chaotic to us has organization. Everything in the universe is guided by laws. Many of which we have discovered. These laws give us comfort and security because we are able to predict eclipses, changing seasons, sunrise, & sunset. Clearly, there is an intelligence in this universe that has brought order to our world. The sun never rises in the West. The moon never circles the globe north and south. Winter never follows spring. This easily observable natural order seems to have somehow “conspired” to make just the right circumstances for life. Life in any form would not exist if several “anthropic constants” were not very very precisely balanced. 122 such constants have been identified and they include such things as the precise speed of light, atmosphere transparency, and even the right balance of oxygen. For instance on earth, oxygen comprises 21 percent of the atmosphere. If oxygen were 25%, fires would erupt spontaneously, if it were 15%, human beings would suffocate. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross has calculated the probability that these constants would exist today for any planet in the universe by chance. Assuming there are 1022 planets in the universe (a very large number: 1 with 22 zeros following it), his answer is shocking; one chance in 10138, that’s one chance in one with 138 zeros after it. There are only about 1070 atoms in the entire universe. In effect, there is zero chance that any planet in the universe would have the life-supporting conditions we have, unless there is an organizing force or intelligence at work. For ease of communication we might use the terms that Chiropractic’s founder DD Palmer used to describe this organization--“universal intelligence.”

You and I are an example of this same intelligence. Inside every living thing is a special form of intelligence. It is in all of us who are alive. It is in the tallest redwood and the smallest sprouting seed. It is in ladies and lady bugs. It is boys and puppy dog tails. It is in every bacteria, virus and microbe. This special intelligence allows for movement, growth and the ability to adapt to our environment—one of the surest proofs that we are alive. Even my 6 year old knows this intelligence that fights off a common cold is inside or INNATE. So let’s use the terms coined by the Palmers and call this intelligence “innate intelligence.”

As Loporta asks “What if?!”

What if there’s a subtle force that works like gravity only it lifts you up instead of holds you down. Lifts you up towards ever greater degrees of intelligence, beauty, power, grace, and love. What if this force is felt by everyone, only most people never noticed it. What if this mysterious force is what’s behind all of human achievement. What if all life has this innate intelligence, this Genesis breath, or spark of life planted in it. Is it the infallible intelligence working in fallible, physical beings. Is it from the same source that is behind the exquisite beauty of life, the spark that inspires unequivocal genius, that triggers unexpected healings, that evokes unconditional love, that works unforeseen miracles. What if summoning this force is what lends people the astonishing strength or intelligence to overcome impossible odds, as well as connect in a meaningful, deep level.

These issues will be debated for some time. But one thing we know is that LIFE is valuable! Yet, when dissecting cadavers for my 2 years of anatomy, we never once could find life buried in with all the tissues, organs and glands. Yet when I held each of my 3 children when they were first born, there was something unmistakably different between them and a dead cadavre. They were undeniably FULL of life and an innate intelligence that guided their early little instincts to feed and feel comforted in my wife’s arms.

In fact, this special intelligence was there when you first became you. At the moment of conception, something very special happens. Two cells become four. And four become eight. And eight become sixteen and so on untill trillions of cells are formed, each with a purpose. A heart that starts beating on the 24th day. A pair of beautiful eyes that are formed on the 36th day.

As important as the heart or the eyes are, there is something much more important that is formed first. In fact, it is the very first organ that differentiates itself from the mass of quickly growing cells after fertilization.

What is the very first tissue to differentiate itself from the rapidly multiplying cells?

The Nervous system—technically called the primitive streak.

So when are the cells that become the brain and spinal cord first formed?

Within seven hours after conception!

It is your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of your body which are used to convey this special intelligence to every other part of your body. But first let’s look at the enormity of its job!

This special kind of intelligence is working now, taking care of the millions of details necessary to keep you alive. It’s estimated your body coordinates 6x1023 things at once! It remembers to beat your heart. It makes sure your food is digested and eliminated. It produces perspiration to cool you when you get too hot. It constricts blood vessels to keep your essential organs working when you get cold. It unleashes your immune system to fight an infection. It is on the job every second of the day. It never takes a vacation. And not only does it keep you alive, but healthy. Some experts believe it should keep you alive and healthy for about 120 years.

With all this world’s super bugs, poor diet, and other health threats you need a good doctor on the job! And the best doctor in the world is ready 24/7. An expert in physiology. A specialist in gastrointestinal function. Board certified in orthopedics, neurology, oncology and virtually every other discipline, specialty and subspecialty. And that doctor is… inside of you!

It is the doctor within that makes sure the precise amount of insulin is produced. It is the doctor in you that secretes the perfect amount of stomach acid. It is the doctor within that delivers the correct dosage of adrenaline. The correct amount of these substances varies from person to person. Only the doctor in you knows how much you need. Anyone else is just guessing. Or taking an average. But average is not necessarily normal for you! Not everybody NEEDS the same blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate or cholesterol! What if we did that with height? We might have to cut off basketball players legs at the knees to get them to average out! What you need is different than what someone else needs. Only the Dr. Inside knows for sure what chemicals to make in what amounts!

As Dr. Chopra states: We have a pharmacy inside us that is absolutely exquisite. It makes the right medicine, for the precise time, for the right target organ--with NO side effects!

The Dr. Inside does the healing, mending, protecting and regulating of your body.

When our children fall and scrape their knee or cut their finger, a Sponge Bob Squarepants bandage was put over the wound. Somehow children think that bandages magically make it all better.

Now, you might laugh at that, because we know the bandage doesn’t do the healing, but for many people, that belief has been replaced with the notion that a drug does the healing. Or that doctors do the healing. But there has never been a documented case in modern history, of a doctor, of any discipline or specialty, ever healing a patient. Only the doctor in you can produce scar tissue. Only the doctor in you can place calcium in just the right way to mend a broken bone. Sure, a traditional doctor can “set” the bone and place a cast around the area to facilitate the healing process, but traditional doctors don’t heal. You and I know that only the dr. Within can do that!

Yet, traditional healthcare with its doctoring from the outside in is largely about suppressing symptoms rather than building health.

Sometimes if it is let go too long, drugs or surgery can become necessary. But with a potion for every emotion, and a pill for every ill, we somehow lost confidence in the Dr. Within that works from the inside out! Regardless of what medical condition we may or may not have, medical treatment does not take the place of spinal hygiene with chiropractic. Chiropractic is separate and distinct from massage, physical therapy, nutrition, medicine, surgery, & acupuncture. Everybody needs chiropractic checks, no matter what other treatments they may or may not be taking. There is not a person that does not need optimal nerve supply

Your nervous system, consisting of your brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of your body is the “master” system that controls the whole show. It is the superhighway of information and life the Doctor Within uses to talk to your body cells and back to your brain cells.

When your heart beats: the nervous system is there.

When your lungs fill with air: the nervous system is there.

When your food is digested and nutrients are extracted along your digestive tract: the nervous system is there.

When your bones grow from childhood into adulthood: your nervous system is there.

When your immune system fights an infection: your nervous system is involved. Your nervous system has a hand in everything from the release growth hormones and neuropeptides to digestive enzymes and stomach acid. The Dr. Within works primarily through the nervous system to coordinate the intricacies and fine balance of health, much like a master conductor coordinating a symphony.

That is unless there is an interference with the nerves! This is called a subluxation--the silent killer of harmony in the body.

Normally, the 24 moveable vertebral bones protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves. However, due to excessive modern physical, emotional, and chemical stresses, a slight shift or even subtle fixation in any one of the vertebra can commonly occur. This interrupts the information conduit that is your nervous systems resulting in a subluxation. Sub means less and lux means light--it is very much like having your power or light turned down with a dimmer switch.

Picture a safety pin--one end representing the brain cells and the other end the body cells, with nerves between forming a complete circuit of information and energy between the brain and body cells. Much like opening a safety pin, when a stress-caused subluxation or misalignment occurs, the life-channels of health and healing messages get choked off from the brain and body cells. This leads to disharmony and incoordination of the glands, organs, tissues and dysfunction of the brain. Hormonal and chemical imbalance occurs and cells begin to die.

It is our sole job as chiropractors to assess the current state of your nervous system and then use our knowledge of the human body’s anatomy to decide when and where to perform the correction. When we correct the spinal shift, we allow the nervous system to flow freely, clearing up any interference in the brain/body connection.

If there is one thing you remember, remember the 3 S’s and the 4 B’s of a subluxation: a Stressed Silent Spinal Blockage Between Brain and Body cells!

When the doctor's hands deliver a quick, highly accurate thrust, just one segment is specifically moved off a neural blockage that is robbing your body of life. We call that a chiropractic adjustment.

Like an experienced piano tuner, over time we become a master at fine tuning the way the spine works, using just the right amount of pressure in the right place, in the right direction at just the right time to release the flow of health and healing messages through the spine! An inch or two up, down, left, or right and it becomes a whole different adjustment.

And chiropractic adjustments are SAFE. So safe that it is trusted to give millions of adjustments to newborns, infants children adults and seniors.

And best of all chiropractic works. It works...everytime...without fail. How can we say that? It works without fail at its sole objective--restoring spinal alignment to release flow of life between the brain and body. Yes, over the years, we have documented cases of chiropractic care helping virtually every sort of health problem you can think of. But remember it is not the chiropractor that heals you of anything. NO doctor can heal you of anything.

Does chiropractic get you well? Does it get rid of pain? NO to both of these. We do not diagnose or treat pain, injury or disease. The number one reason, it is only the body that can truly repair itself--the body has a mind of its own an prioritizes its healing sequence according to necessity for survival. So an unknown heart weakness may need more attention from your Doctor within than say a back ache. Additionally, there are times that people experience “the limits of matter.” That is to say, for example if a person has a severed leg from a car accident, or some other physical damage that exceeds your body’ ability to repair, though it is STILL advised to remove life-robbing subluxations, we will not resurrect the severed leg! That is not possible nor is it our objective. My duty to you is to locate and correct subluxations--silent spinal blockages between brain and body cells that silently drain your body and brain of life and vitality!

So how long will I want my children to have optimal nerve supply and optimal life flowing out to their cells? How long do I want to ensure that my wife’s beautiful brain is not deprived of neural flow? How bright do you want your light to burn? How dim will you let your children or friends’ health become before you send them to get checked? How much better will loved ones’ bodies work when their subluxations are corrected? How will they show their greater human potential? Whether a kid’s speed and strength in sports, a spouse’s vitality in business, a husband working year in and out in construction, or a student’s mental focus in school.

Their life is worth it. One thing is certain, if there is a modern moral error, chief among them is devaluing human life! Your life... is incredibly…. valuable.

I started out by sharing my conversation with a pair of biologists, and I still don’t buy the thought that you are just a bag of chemicals, just a pile of neurons. When I hear your unique life-stories--how you found a source of inspiration to get you through a dark moment, how you accomplished what you have, how you persevered, I think we can all agree with the young former-marine: there was something else involved that lifts you above inanimate matter.

When you walk into our family office, we don’t see a long health history, a disease, or a medical diagnosis code. We see a subtle force conspiring to lift you up instead of hold you down. We see a spark of life that’s behind all of human achievement, an innate intelligence, the breath of life planted within--the spark that triggers unexpected healings, that evokes unconditional love, that works unforeseen miracles. We see a force lending people strength & intelligence to overcome impossible odds, as well as connect with others in a meaningful, deep way.

When you walk into our doors, we see..the true Doctor...WithIN YOU!

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