Interval Training...

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Good overview of the interval training system...

The Complete Guide to Interval Training


Sitting Kills

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Even if you are in shape, sitting may be killing you. A NASA scientist that studied health and fitness of U.S. astronauts recently authored a book detailing how.

Joseph Mercola summarizes "Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Movin...

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Walking for back pain

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In an article posted on, walking can be just as effective for back pain as expensive advanced therapy.

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Student athlete improves with chiropractic

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Allison Sichina, Junior Buckeye Trail

Dr. Fall has helped me with my back pain, so I can perform at my best.

Representing the Warriors...

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Catie Smith, Junior at Buckeye Trail

"Dr. Fall has helped me play the sports I love with having hardly any back pain at all now. It's a huge relief."

Chiropractic in the Olympics

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An article featured on cites these headlines:

"2012  Olympics: World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, utilizes chiropractic care

Local Chiropractor Is Doc For Olympic Volleyball Team

The Olympic Advantage: Chiropractors

Chiropractor helps ice dancer put best foot forward"

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Local Athlete's Success

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A big thank you to local athlete, Troy Beros, for the testimonial submitted below. Keep in mind non-athletes, young and old, deserve the same preventive health care. For another blog posting of quotes from top US athletes on what their chiropractors have done for them, click here.

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Sweat that pays off

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When a researcher buys herself/himself  a treadmill, you know that they found something life-changing in their work.

A Dr. Beth Levine from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center recently published a paper in Nature. The paper sheds light on how exercise helps protect the body from so ma...

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Exercise and depression

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Have you ever not felt in a better mood after dancing? Okay so not everybody likes to dance, but movement of the right kind will make everybody feel less stressed.

Exercise produces a relaxation response that helps elevate your mood and keep depression at bay. It releases endorphins and enkephalans which are...

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Is your brain muscle-bound?

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So often it seems that people stereotype fitness buffs as being stupid or of impaired intelligence. However, that stereotype could not be further from the truth.

Not only does exercise improve your body, but it also helps your mental function, states certified trainer David Atkinson.


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