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The Tale of Two Chiropractics

Dear Future Practice Member,

Thank you for taking an interest in who we are! Chiropractic today is a far different creature then was originally intended. Like most professions, it has evolved over the years.  Depending on one's viewpoint, those changes can be seen as good or bad.

"Therapeutic" chiropractors (other terms include mechanistic, mixer, or musculoskeletal), essentially treat a diagnosed condition, much like medical doctors. Most often they focus on pain. Frequently they minimize the adjustment, or tell you to just come in when you have an "ache." They use machines and zappers and shakers and lasers. I know. I used to be one. We accepted insurance, treated workmen's comp, and accepted personal injury cases. However, several educators and mentors along with ongoing education in chiropractic made me give it all up gladly. In spite of all the fancy machines and fancy paperwork, it became my belief that much of it was entertaining patients while the body healed itself.

Non-therapeutic, "objective straight" chiropractic is both more true to the founder's ideology and more modern of the two approaches.  This group of chiropractors defines chiropractic by one simple objective.  This objective does not duplicate the disease treatment objective of medicine.  It deals with a particular, common situation called a vertebral subluxation--a silent spinal blockage between brain and body.

These two groups of chiropractors, like many in other branches of the healthcare system, have very different points of view and different objectives, although both have the title chiropractor.  It is important that you be able to distinguish between the two so you can seek the type of services you want.  You need to understand very clearly that the practice objectives of therapeutic mixed chiropractic and non-therapeutic objective straight chiropractic are quite different.    

I practice non-therapeutic, objective straight chiropractic.  I am respectful of the other approach, but would be remiss if I did not give the benefits of my approach.  Non-therapeutic straight chiropractic is not about the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms or diseases.  It is about helping everyone optimize all aspects of body functions and performance and allowing you to express your God-given potential in all areas of life.  The practice of this approach usually results in one or more of the following common benefits for you: improved health; more energy; clearer thinking, concentration, and memory; a better ability to handle stress; improved physical performance; better sleep; a ability to obtain greater value from your exercise and nutritional choices; more balanced body chemistry; increased income earning capacity; improved relationships; better digestion; basically a greater enjoyment of Life. 

I obviously see this approach as a more worthy objective to have. 


Dr. Bryan Fall, DC