"Is Chiropractic AGAINST Medicine?"

Short answer is NO! There is a time and a place for medicine, and when say someone has a severed leg or some other medical emergency, they belong in a medical doctor's hands. We have some of the best emergency care in the world!

However it is safe to say that chiropractic is DIFFERENT from medical care. Not just in action, but also in core philosophy.

As you read this, your liver is producing parts of the 500+ chemicals it produces every day.  Those chemicals help with digestion, act as hormones, clean the blood and do at least 497 other functions necessary for survival.  Every chemical can directly or indirectly influence the operations of a seemingly unrelated part of the body.  The body operates as a indivisible whole, and no part of the body can be treated without effecting another part.

What happens when you introduce toxic foreign chemicals into that system?  It throws off the delicate balance.  The liver is the body's filtration system.  Every poison put into the body has to go through the liver to be removed. Poisons not only effect the liver and kidneys, they can have many other effects. The truth is there are no side-effects--there are only effects.  The hope is that the good will outweigh the bad effects.

However, expecting a drug to act only on one specific area or problem in the body is like trying to place a drop of food coloring into the corner of a glass of water and expecting it to stay there. The body has everything it needs to function properly--we just have to do our part.  That includes exercise, good nutrition, a positive lifestyle, and a properly functioning nervous system.  Chiropractors are trained to find and remove nerve interference that  improves the regulation of the body's functioning by your nervous system.

We encourage the public to educate themselves and always look to the spine as the central pillar and cornerstone of health.  There is a place for medicine and even surgery, but don't neglect your spinal hygiene. Even when you have a medical problem, you certainly don't want to add to it by letting a vertebral subluxation rob your body of its life.

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