• Complete software review of symptom survey (see overview here)
  • Vital signs (resting pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rate)
  • Palpation of abdomen (similar as  in traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • Muscle testing for key stressors. This is where your ‘biological computer’ can display much-needed information and guide where to focus.

  • Tailored, realistic dietary modifications
  • Quality, food-based supplements
  • Fitness Programming

Custom-Designed Clinical Nutrition

We offer appointment only, custom-designed nutritional treatment using our thorough nutritional assessment. We focus on non-invasive procedures for assessment frequently missing from conventional examinations. Currently, our practice only offers nutritional appointments on Thursdays.

Our nutritionist has received hours in clinical nutrition, and related coursework received. In addition to this training we receive regular ongoing education staying abreast of all the current research in the field of nutrition, with seminars in Functional Nutrition, Wholefood Nutrition, and coursework in Nutritional Response Testing.

In addition to helping many in the Cambridge, OH areas, we've seen first-hand what solid fundamentals of nutrition can to support and strengthen the body through a major illness in our own life. Whe practice what we preaches in our own as well as our familys' lifestyle.

"I was very tired all the time, achy, moody. Before coming I was wanting to feel better and lose weight. (I had tried) supplements containing Moringa. I also tried Paleo diet by itself. The Paleo worked some, but I don't think it was working completely. Moringa did not work--I lost 10 lbs and gained it back when stopping. 
I feel 100% better. Every day is better than the day before. Every aspect of my body and health feel better than when I first started this nutrition program."
Keri Glass
Nutrition patient