Welcome to New Nutrition Patients

Welcome!  It is an honor to be of help to all those that need our services. We don't take lightly you putting your confidence in our care. It is our belief that your life will be the better for any time spent in our office. Though spinal hygiene forms the foundation of our approach to health, nutrition provides the building blocks! We are not here to judge you or your health condition. Rather, we strive to make ourselves "compassionate experts"--to know our craft and science, but also to be the coach to provide you the tools to get your God-given health back! 

For Nutrition New Patients, please go down through the list at the right in preparation for your visit. Read the material, watch the videos, and print off and complete the two paper forms. Also we ask that you complete the system survey. The link will take you to a website where you can fill in the practitioner number. Then enter in the username and password as sent to your e-mail by our office. Why the mountain of paperwork? Only because it is necessary. All this will save much time at your visit in our office. More importantly, the more information we have the more specific we can be with our recommendations. We thank you for filling the material out to the best of your knowledge!

New Patient Forms/Survey

New Patient Information: