Quotes I had severe hip pain due to sleeping on my side during pregnancy. It was difficult sleeping and getting around at work. I had great results with Dr. Fall. I could sleep longer and walk around to teach my class. My pregnancy was easier because of chiropractic care. My deliveries with my girls were shorter and easier because of chiropractic care. Quotes

Quotes I have scoliosis which causes consistent back and neck pain. My former doctor recommended surgery. All doctors who saw me as a child said I would grow out of it. My condition kept getting worse and caused me pain and trouble sleeping. I couldn't sit or stand in one position for very long, and I avoided outdoor events in cold weather. When I got pregnant I started coming in more often. The adjustments kept me from having too much back pain. Later in the pregnancy Dr. Fall did adjustments to encourage my breech baby to turn so that I could avoid a Cesarean Section. He also helped realign my knees and ankles to keep the added weight from causing permanent problems with my posture. Quotes

Quotes Lower back, shoulder, and neck pain with migraines 1-2 per month lasting 2-3 days each. I had pain all the time. I couldn't keep up with my daily activities and gardening. I stopped exercising because of my back pain. I used prescription migraine medication that only just took the edge off. No positive results. I had the beginning of a migraine when I went in for a treatment with in a couple of hours, the migraine was gone without medication. Smile! I am sleeping better and my family say my mood is better. I have more energy also. Quotes

Quotes Severe neck pain and back pain for several months. I've also had headaches and visual problem on a daily basis for months. The frequent headaches and vision problems started to interfere with my schooling. I couldn't focus very long on studying because my neck and head would start to hurt after an hour. I'd want to sleep so it wouldn't hurt anymore, taking away from famiy time and study time. Had minimal relief a majority of the time from other methods. After treatment I began to feel less pain and the headaches were less frequent. I could stay focused longer on my studies. I've started sleeping through the night without waking in the middle of the night in pain. My energy has begun to increase and my mood is much improved starting with my first appointment with Dr. Fall. Quotes
Nursing Student

Quotes I am a lot more mobile and pain free since I began treatments. I believe Dr. Fall's attitude toward his patients sets him apart from others. While receiving treatments he tells you what he is doing, what caused it and how to avoid it. His health talks show he is interested in the health of his patients. Quotes

Quotes I have been in pain for 9 years. I had to take anywhere from 10-20 Ibuprofen a day to just get through the day (tail bone pain). I was in pain all the time. It was hard to work, hard to sleep. I didn't go out anywhere. I had a major surgery 3 years ago. It didn't take the pain away. I had 6 spinal injections. It took pain away for 2 or 3 months but it would come back. Surgery didn't help. Spinal injections only lasted 2 or 3 months, then pain right back again. Plus injections were very very expensive. My pain is totally gone! Dr. Fall is a miracle worker! I would have never believed it would help. I wish I would have come a lot sooner! I sleep so much better. I am happier, because of no pain. It's awesome! Quotes
Medical Secretary

Quotes I had cold burning down my neck and shoulders with headaches and lower back pain when sitting long periods of time. It was hard to do my job with both back and headaches, and had a hard time sitting to watch my kids ball games. I used mainly Tylenol or Advil but had little relief. After coming to Dr. Fall I have had no headaches, I am able to sit without pain, and have more energy to do more activities. I sleep better, have a better mood and attitude without the headaches. I also have much more energy. Quotes
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