Quotes I had a fall at home and had symptoms associated with that. I had pain and fatigue and generally felt bad. I used Motrin for pain, but had no results. It was difficult to function at work and at home. Dr. Fall is wonderful. I feel much better. He educates you and lets you know what's going on and the reasons why you are feeling better, and what to expect. I have learned so much from Dr. Fall and all the many health benefits and the importance of chiropractic care. Quotes
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Quotes I had pain in my lower back. My sleep was interrupted, because of back pain, stiffness in neck and shoulders. I went to a chiropractor in the past. Tried using heating pad, and put sports cream on my back and neck. My back pain made it difficult to do housework and my daily routine. My back feels so much better. I can move around better. After receiving care at Dr. Fall's office, the stiffness in my neck and shoulders are almost gone. You can move about and do what you want, without pain stopping you. Your whole health is greatly improved. Quotes

Quotes Had lots of pain and not alot of rest. Tried pain pills but did not have much results. I was in alot of pain. Since coming to Dr. Fall I am able to do what I want to. I can now live a normal life. I loved all the kindness shown to me. I love the staff and the doc. Quotes

Quotes I had a lot of aches and pains from arthritis and sciatic back pain. Also shoulder pain. Had two total knee surgeries. Right knee I got staph infection from the surgery and now have calcium deposits in that knee. Took Alleve, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen around the clock. It didn't help to relieve the situation until receiving chiropractic care. Dr. Fall's treatments helped and I am much improved. Alot less pain and am walking better. Do not need pain medication unless I overdo. Feel far better especially since not needing pain medication. Quotes

Quotes I was tired and my back and head hurt everyday. I tried back surgery, therapy and pain pills. They worked for a while. I was tired and grumpy all the time. After receiving adjustments, I am almost free of back pain and do not have headaches everyday. It makes you feel human again. Quotes

Quotes I had stiff neck and pain between shoulder blades, and also lower back pain. I had chiropractic care 7 or 8 years ago. Chiropractic worked but I waited too long when I re-injured it. My lower back would hurt after walking or hiking. Neck and shoulders would hurt when working at my hobby, building and flying model airplanes. After receiving care from Dr. Fall I can go walking and work with my models and not have pain. Quotes

Quotes The last 5 years I had a lot of lower back and sciatic pain on the right side. Also a limited amount of motion in the neck. I had 2 total knee surgeries. A MD gave me muscle relaxers medications which made my mouth dry. After taking 4 or 5 years didn't wish to take them any longer. After the 5th treatment no longer had sciatic pain and after him (Dr. Fall) recommending (regular) adjustments am now pain free. Can turn meck freely in all directions. Also, no longer have lower back pain. Quotes

Quotes I recommend Dr. Fall because of his personality that is so caring, which in today's medical environment rarely seen in doctors. He not only treats you for the direct problem you have such as your back or neck (my problems), but also helps with other causes that may re-injure or may lead to other problems. With Dr. Fall's maintenance I will be able to live an active lifestyle for a 62 year old that would be eventually a bed riden lifestyle without it. Quotes
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Quotes I had a pinched nerve in my lower left back. It was almost intolerable--could not get comfortable in any position and could not sleep well. At the onset of pain, I thought it would work itself out--took Ibuprofen/Tylenol for pain. After about one week of pain, I was no better and seemed to get worse. Since coming to Dr. Fall, I feel lots better--after 9 treatments. I was finally able to do weedeating. I am now sleeping better--although I do feel that stress also contributes to my back pain at times due to personal/work. Although continued maintenance care is not elected by me at this time, I would not rule it out altogether. Quotes
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Quotes I had excruciating hip pain and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I was never comfortable or energetic. I tried MD visits with x-rays. First did Naproxen, then Vicodin, then Tramadol, and had no positive results. Since coming to Dr. Fall I am back to normal with improved mood and better digestion. Quotes
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