Quotes I came to Dr. Fall with a low back sprain/strain. It was hard for me to perform certain duties on the job; lifting, bending, getting back up, etc. At home sitting or standing, doing dishes was hard. I had to take extra strength Tylenol, and reduced my activities. The Tylenol just took the edge off my pain; but the problem was still there. Since going to Dr. Fall, my back pain has been relieved as well as the frequent headaches. I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy during the day. Quotes

Quotes I was having a hard time doing regular duties as bending and stretching. Everything was limited. Since going to Dr. Fall I am doing my duties much better now. I am even walking better. Quotes
Retired, age 83

Quotes I had daily fatigue and stomach problems. The digestive problems were all my adult life. I also had headaches. The health problems lead me to 30 lbs loss in weight along with fatigue and depression. I had to have 1/2 of stomach removed and bypass part of the small intestines. Was using probiotics, and meds for depression. Probiotics and meds were some help. Since going to Dr. Fall, this is the first year in my adult life I have not had digestive problems and headaches are gone. I have also had improved sleep, better digestion, and more stamina and energy. Quotes

Quotes I had a sudden onset of severe low back pain. I was unable to sleep; tense due to pain and fear of onset. I used Ibuprofen and heat, but had no relief at all. Praise God--Dr. Fall fixed my back! I am now pain free and back to sleeping well at night. Quotes

Quotes Before seeing Dr. Fall I was unable to walk very far without pain and tiring very quick. My health condition was poor at best. I didn't feel like doing anything. My life had become mundane. Previous methods of care were a host of x-rays, MRI and suggestions of surgery then I was medicated to the point I didn't care. The results of previous methods were nil. I just couldn't function. Now that I saw Dr. Fall, I have very little pain and I am energetic now. The positive effects of my adjustments are I sleep in bed the first time in two years, I can work again and my wife says I'm better to be around. Thanks Dr. Fall. Quotes

Quotes I had lower back pain that was a constant source of pain and discomfort. I mostly used Ibuprofen and a heating pad at night, and relief was temporary at best. Dr. Bryan Fall has helped me considerably. My back doesn't bother me now as much as before I started treatment. When I wake up in the morning my back is not sore. I have a better attitude and a better start to my day. Everyone here has been very kind and professional in their care for me and my wife. I feel I can trust them with my health and feel llike I have actually made some new friends. God bless you and I thank you all! Quotes

Quotes Was unable to use right arm without major dicomfort. Needed help dressing. Had chronic pain from broken elbow ached almost constantly. Used over the counter pain medications that did not help. I did a lot of yelping, and cried out in sleep. I went to Dr. Fall's office and felt my energy level up. I was able to bend over easily, and my 50 year old broken elbow does not ache (what a surprise). My over all body movement is better, have a sense of well-being, and improved sleep. Quotes
Book Keeper

Quotes I was tired al lthe time, lack of energy, was getting behind on laundry, housework, etc. I hurt at work all the time--back, legs, knees, feet--I had alot of problems walking any distance. I stopped my favorite hobby of shopping for bargains. I limped with my left leg all the time and I would wake up stiff. I kept changing shoes, thinking it would help the pain, then even my favorite shoes didn't feel like they fit. After getting adjusted by Dr. Fall, I can wear any of the shoes without a problem. I have started getting my energy level back to normal. I feel "great!" It's very important to maintain a maintenance program so you will always feel wonderful. I sleep for at least 6-8 hours without waking up--I have a deeper sleep. Quotes

Quotes I experienced heavy weight on my back with muscle spasms. Had a lack of range of motion in my neck--was hard to drive. I was really short with people. The pain was overwhelming and it was all I could think about. I tried muscle relaxers, alot of Ibuprofen, and 2 weeks of physical therapy. The medications made you sleepy and groggy. I couldn't remember days of what or when. Since going to Dr. Fall, I have better range of motion. Alot less pain without medications. My mood is alot better and not as short with people. My energy level has also improved. Quotes

Quotes No meds can help with stiffness or sciatic pain. Regular adjustments keep me going. It's a wellness and preventive program! Quotes