Quotes I was very tired all the time, achy, moody. Before coming I was wanting to feel better and lose weight. (I had tried) supplements containing Moringa. I also tried paleo diet by itself. The paleo worked some, but I don't think it was working completely. Moringa did not work--I lost 10 lbs and gained it back when stopping. I feel 100% better. Every day is better than the day before. Every aspect of my body and health feel better than when I first started this nutrition program. Quotes
Keri Glass
Nutrition patient

Quotes (At the health talk) Dr. Fall and Dee provided us with comprehensive information and helped us to understand many of the root causes of the digestive issues we all face and ways we can start to correct them. I enjoyed hearing about the practical ways we can improve our health and what things we can change. It was also good to learn of the medications and environmental factors that negatively affect us. As lay people we generally only know the basics about our health and the digestive issues we all face. It was so interesting to learn how certain foods, medications, chemicals and environmental factors can build up in our systems and how they can negatively affect our digestion and well being and to discover that we can uncover these issues and take steps to correct them. In my own case it gave me insight into why I feel the way I do. Quotes
Hospital Case Manager

Quotes I feel blessed to have been under care here--thank you! Quotes

Quotes I was tired more and more each day. This isn't how I used to be, but I didn't get enough sleep and I hurt and woke up a lot at night.... Two specialists both said that I needed neck surgery. I didn't want that so I dealt with the pain every day. I took only Tylenol when my neck caused headaches. Terrible and nothing else was done because they said I would have to have surgery. (Since coming to Dr. Fall) I feel like a new me, I have energy, I don't hurt like I used to, (and) I don't have headaches like I did. My moods are so much better. I can sleep all night. I get well rested (and) I have so much (of the) energy that I had lost. Quotes

Quotes I came to Dr. Fall because I noticed his business sign after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. I knew that I needed to do anything I could to build my immune system and felt that maybe chiropractic would be another good thing. I was glad to be able to research Dr. Fall's practice online and I have been so grateful that I found him. I had never used a chiropractor before. Besides gradually getting my spine in proper alignment, Dr. Fall gave me good perspective on how to live with pain and build my immune system. Today as we did a reexam, I realized how much better I am feeling since starting with Dr. Fall. I am grateful that God led me to Fall chiropractic where I was helped and encouraged by the lovely staff there. I highly recommend Dr. Fall's chiropractic motto and method. God bless you all! Quotes

Quotes I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Therapy did not work, surgery was recommended. Could not sleep soundly or turn over in bed without pain. 2 months of therapy and surgery was recommended. Nothing helped. Intense pain if I moved my arm suddenly or accidently bumped it. Friend said I should see Dr. Fall. Within three weeks intense pain was gone. Movement returned. Intense pain completely gone. Movement has returned to my shoulder. I am getting a good nights rest once more. Happier also. Improved sleep, weight loss, mobility of my arm has returned, overal general feeling of well being. Quotes

Quotes "(My daughter) had an ear infection and started crying about it every night before bedtime. It sometimes kept us up at night, as we just had to hold her and coun't lay her down, she would just cry. We also used garlic oil in her ears, and I think that helped too. She is a much happier baby and does not cry near as often about an earach since seeing Dr. Fall. She has a more relaxed sleep. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes It was hard to do anything, even walking, and I was tired all the time. I didn't like to leave home, I just felt better being at home. I was on pain pills, had a cortisone shot, neither worked very well. (After coming to Dr. Fall) I don't hurt nearly as often, and I'm able to get out and about more (with) more energy, not frustrated with pain that won't go away. Quotes

Quotes I was sick to my stomach alot and had a hard time keeping food down. Was tired throughout the day also. Meal time was a chore because I knew I would get nauseous and getting motivated around the house because I was tired also. I had an upper scope done because the doctor thought it was maybe an ulcer? They couldn't find the problem--just said that the inside of the stomach was a little "swollen." When I was able to make all my appointments to Dr. Fall I felt 100% better. Eating wasn't a problem and I had energy. When I would go to sleep I would wake with energy and the most important impact was the digestive problems. Quotes
Customer Service

Quotes I was tired all the itme. Back was in pain most of the time. Could not sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I'm on my feet 9 hours at work on concrete floors, clerk ladders, and bending and stretching all day. I did not want to go anywhere after work except home with my feet up. I tried exercises but hard to do with pain. Pain killers did not touch it. I could not last long on my feet without hurting. Within two weeks of beginning care at Dr. Fall's office, I began feeling stronger with each treatment. I had more energy at work and at home. Sleep now is only getting up once during the night instead of every 2 hours. Quotes
Department Store Manager
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